Ronna Bonifacio | What’s Inside Anchor of the Soul: A Lent Workbook?
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What’s Inside Anchor of the Soul: A Lent Workbook?

Back when Olivia Women was in its planning stages, it was clear to us that there was a particular event we wanted to celebrate. Lent. Particularly, Holy Week. In the Philippines, Holy Week has slowly turned in to that five-day weekend we get to hit the beach or hangout with our family and friends. Metro Manila turns into a ghost town, most of our friends as we will be seeing on social media, will be on the road or the airport.

But I remember, when I was a young girl (because ya know, I’m still little), Holy Week was solemn. It was silent. The background music to my Maundy Thursday would be an old man reading about Jesus’ seven last words in Tagalog. I would travel to the province with my Mom and we would participate in processions on Good Friday. We would walk around her hometown following a pattern of the cross while holding candles. On Black Saturday, my brother and I were not allowed to engage in any horseplay. And finally, on Sundays, my family would all head to church and Metro Manila would come alive again.

As I grew older, I stopped going to the province and Holy Week would be TV series marathon days for my friends and I. We would call each other on the landline and watch season after season of Seventh Heaven on Studio 23. Eventually that turned into all day cookouts at my friends’ houses when we were working professionals where we watched movies, played board games, endlessly eating chips and chatting. I admit I’ve forgotten why I was raised to remember the gravity of Holy Week.

We created Anchor of the Soul: A Lent Workbook because we felt that while Christmas, as a holiday, gets all the glory and attention, the events we remember and commemorate during Holy Week sealed the deal for our faith. Jesus death and resurrection is what we are holding on to. It gives us life and allows us to live our lives freely.

What’s Inside?

Here’s what’s special about Anchor of the Soul: Each devotional day looks back at the exact day in Scripture, focusing on someone dear to Jesus. We look back at Jesus’ washing the feet on Maundy Thursday, Jesus’ death on Good Friday, Jesus silence and absence on Black Saturday, and Jesus’ surprising return to life on Easter Sunday. What might it have been like for Peter, one of his disciples who was always so quick to speak yet was missing when Jesus his lord and friend was on trial? How might have Mary felt when Jesus breathed his last breath? What was John, one of Jesus’ closest friends, to do after Jesus left his mother in her care? And why would Jesus first show himself to Mary Magdalene, a woman with a colorful past? Moreover, how do these events affect your life today?


Devotionals + Experience

We wanted it to be like a retreat in a workbook that you could take with you, any where you were going, whether it was up in the mountains, on the beach, or in your hotel room. So we included a sort of playlist, one song per day to meditate on and worship with. (Thank you, Sonjia Calit for this!) There are also activities in the workbook to complete your experience and help you to approach God’s word with a different perspective.

How to Order + Important Info

Because Anchor of the Soul is time-sensitive, meaning it is designed for you to go through on particular days, we want to ensure that all deliveries get to you in time. This is why we created deadlines for ordering, to allow enough time for deliveries.

If you are in Metro Manila, we have a pick up option (Quezon City, Santolan area, and in Makati).

Here’s the order forms and schedules:

Manila Delivery:
– Deadline for orders: April 9, Sunday

– Deadline for orders: April 7, Friday (CLOSED)

Pick Up Option:
– Pick up points: Quezon City (Santolan area) and Makati. Exact addresses will be provided upon confirmation of payment.
– Deadline for orders: April 9, Sunday
Dates for pick up: April 10, Monday, and April 11, Tuesday

PDF Option:
– Deadline for orders: April 12, Thursday
– Cutoff for payment: 3 PM. Payments made after 3 PM will receive their downloadable the next day, at the latest.

Give It as a Gift

This is our first time to do downloadables and I only realized yesterday that it’s perfect for gifting to a friend, too! She can be in a different part of the world and she would still be able to go through this workbook with you. 🙂 If you would like to order the PDF as a gift, please indicate in the order form so we can send it to the recipient with a personalized notification that they’ve received a gift from you. 🙂

Product Features

9 x 7.4 inches
32 pages
115 GSM
4 Devotionals (Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday)
4 Original Artworks by Sweet Panlilio
4 Lyric Pages
8 Activities
8 Worksheets
Curated Worship Playlist

We hope that Anchor of the Soul enriches your Holy Week this year, and that while we are all enjoying precious time with our families and loved ones, may this enable you to worship God in an unhurried fashion.

Photos by me 🙂

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