Ronna Bonifacio | Should you try a shoe subscription site?
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Should you try a shoe subscription site?

Ever since becoming a mom to a toddler, I’ve had to rethink my shoe choices. I formerly lived (and ran) in heels when I was still working full-time in the publishing industry and when I was pregnant, I would only wear them every so often for special events. After giving birth and becoming a WAHM, I would slip on my heels whenever I wanted to a bit of a boost (physically as well). But ever since my little bugger began walking, it no longer seemed reasonable for me to stock up on heels as I used to. I began to divert my attention to cute and sensible flats and sneakers because it seems more detrimental for me not to be able to catch up to my daughter or hurt myself in the process.

Trying matchy-matchy with the little girl in my Desdemona flats

Trying matchy-matchy with the little girl in my Desdemona flats

I’ve never been very good at online shopping, unless they’re bags or jewelry because I often worry about fit. When I first heard of, I thought “Yes, I do!” Hehe! The site’s name is a universal truth, isn’t it? But I wondered, could I really shop for shoes without fitting them, and from a brand I’ve never bought from?

There’s was only one way to find out. (Translation in my husband’s head: “Of course that’s the only way you can think of.” HEHEHE.) I chose Kitty Pryde and Desdemona from the August catalogue in my usual size and hoped for the best.

Upon logging in to the site, I was surprised to see it isn’t your usual online shopping site that displays prices, add to cart, then proceed to checkout. Its prices are counted in “steps”. What? Okay, let me break it down for y’all. is actually a shoe subscription site, and the first in the Philippines. You know how there are beauty box subscription sites that sends sample sizes of different products every month for a particular monthly fee? It’s kind of like that, but for shoes. Yes, I know, Why have we only heard of this now???

How it works

  1. You can subscribe for either three, six or twelve months for P499 a month which allows you to buy at least one pair per month.
  2. Shoe designs change every month and so far, based on my experience, you receive e-mail alerts about when the new styles are coming. At the beginning of each month, your “step” (the site’s currency) replenishes back to 1 step so you can shop again.
  3. With your basic subscription fee, you’re sure to be able to buy at least one pair every month. The site also has shoes priced at 2 steps and 3 steps, and you can purchase the extra steps you need for the shoe/s you like.
Mama V wears flats too! Photo taken in 2012. Image credit.

Mama V wears flats too! Photo taken in 2012. Image credit.

Why buy shoes every month?

Said no girl ever. Can I get an amen? But seriously though, if you’re fond of buying shoes and have the budget, I would recommend signing up for these reasons:

  1. The styles are exclusive to the site and for the price range (the least of which is P499 and the most of which is about P1,500), you can usually only choose from styles that are mass produced. 
  2. It’s made in Marikina! <3 You’re supporting our economy and shoes at these price points are often either imported from China or Bangkok (to keep prices low). My Desdemona flats, which are one of my most complimented shoes so far I kid you not, also caught Tootsy Angara’s attention last week at a shoot. Sigh. Medyo kinilig lang ako doon ‘no, because I like her personal style and she’s one local rising fashion icon whose look I quite appreciate. (Have you seen her SONA 2014 ensemble? Others liked her 8th Star Magic Ball gown, too.) When I mentioned to her that it was made in Marikina she answered, “Isn’t that the best part?” Can I be your friend Ma’m?
  3. They are waaay more comfortable than any other pair of flats I’ve owned at P500, heck even at P1,500! I brought my Kitty Pryde flats with me to a quick overnight trip to Zamboanga and they were the only flats I had and they were great for travel! It got lots of raves on my Instagram, too! I really like the design of these, actually. Not something I often see which is why this pair was my first choice.
  4. The styles are trendy and up to date. I saw the September picks and they were inspired and named after trendsetters like Emma Watson, Nicole Richie, and Olivia Wilde. I really liked the ones from Sienna Miller and Selena Gomez!  
My Kitty Pryde shoefie before we flew to Zamboanga two weekends ago.

My Kitty Pryde shoefie before we flew to Zamboanga two weekends ago.

I like shoes!

It may seem unusual for some to subscribe to buy shoes but if you review your spending habits and find yourself buying shoes every month, then it’s actually not strange to think ahead and sign up. You also save time, effort and gas if you shop online! I really quite like online shopping these days, it can be very convenient. My flats fit well, they were only a wee bit too big for me but it actually ended up making my shoes comfy. also has really cute boots, quite perfect for the colder “Ber” months. 

Oh Sienna and Selena. Yousa on my mind!

Have you signed up for too? Would you sign up for a shoe subscription site? Leave me a comment below!

EDIT (9/29/14): A friend asked me if shipping is included in the monthly subscription fee, as it is not stated in the site, and the good news is, it’s included! šŸ™‚

A little BTS photo, hehe! #OOTD by EQ diapers, hehe!

A little BTS photo, hehe! #OOTD by EQ diapers, hehe!

  • Sheryn Alvarez
    Posted at 12:19h, 27 September

    I am signing up as I type this. Lol.

    • Ronna Capili Bonifacio
      Posted at 13:41h, 27 September

      Haha! You’ll enjoy it! ā¤ļø