Ronna Bonifacio | Meet the Influencer: Mikki Galang
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Meet the Influencer: Mikki Galang

Hello friends! <3 I’m back with the third installment of series featuring today’s beauty influencers and I’m featuring Mikki Galang, who just relaunched her blog at last week. We met a few years back at a Laura Mercier event and I remember complimenting her white eyeliner on her bottom waterline because it was so solid, I could never get mine to keep from fading. Little did I know then that she’s adept at eye makeup as she started out her blog by posting creative makeup. These days it’s great to see such posts because it adds to the diversity of online content, especially those locally produced.

What I find most admirable about Mikki, however, is her boldness to use her site to lobby her causes. She gives beauty a different aspect when it’s in her hands because it transcends vanity, as it is often perceived. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, you can read what her causes are below 😉 But the best thing about Mikki, she’s kind hearted and supportive of others and their successes. Here’s my “slambook interview” or Tonight With Ronna Bonifacio-style interview (hehehe) with Mikki:

1. Apart from beauty blogging I also do digital marketing/PR/events. I’ve been doing that ever since I graduated and I love it in as much as makeup.

2. I got started in beauty blogging because… It’s the first thing that I thought would make me connect with my potential audience. However, even in the Multiply days, I’ve been sharing my thoughts and expressing myself through cosmetic science and art which I’ve been really passionate about ever since high school.

3. What you don’t know about beauty blogging is… that it is really a product of hard work, skill and honesty. A product review usually takes me 2-3 hours to shoot, compare/analyze (and for skincare, this would take days or weeks!), edit, write and promote it. Then you also attend events.

4. My first encounter with beauty was.. In college, when I did a magazine layout project for a basic class in Ateneo. I made it my own beauty magazine (haha). I learned a lot about beauty when I wrote all the articles and designed the pages.

5. To me, beauty is…. freedom and art: To express yourself and your style, to be comfortable in your skin, and to communicate your message to the world.

6. Best beauty advice I received: I got most of the advices and philosophies from books of celebrity makeup artists that I adore. I remember reading Laura Mercier’s book, which I bought when I was in college, and like her idea of “The Flawless” because it changed the way I looked at color cosmetics: to focus on skin and be comfortable with it. 

7. If I were stranded on an island, I would bring… Liquid foundation, concealer, powder foundation, mascara, brow products–usually the bases and the ones that could make me look awake and not stressed 😉

8. I like to hoard/I have a weakness for lipsticks (highly pigmented/liquid ones to be specific). I’ve been liking LA Splash which is now distributed by DTC. The color payoff is just 100%!!!

9. I usually have 3-5 lipsticks in my bag. A nude lippie (MAC Kinda Sexy/Honeylove), a neutral red (MAC Viva Glam 1), an orange lippy (MAC Morange), an extra dark one (LA Splash in Ravenclaw), and a bright shade.

10. My beauty icon is Bobbi Brown because of her style-centric makeup philosophy which also empowers women around the world. Her “Pretty Powerful” campaign doesn’t box looks and dictate trends. The protagonist of the your beauty story is you.

11. I love being in the beauty biz because… I have always loved women and makeup. I have been fascinated at how it makes my peers happy (from my first makeup gig at school), and that makes me motivated too.

12. What’s it like being the first beauty blogging Filipina transgender? 

When I started blogging reviews and looks–mostly my fantasy eye makeup–at, I didn’t really mention or place in my profile that I’m a transgendered woman. But I still wrote my makeup experiences (honest product reviews) and shared articles about my personal life. My friends of course they knew but for the ones I’ve met through workshops and meet & greet’s, they told me they didn’t know but they also said that nothing has changed ever since they read my blog. That made my heart happy because there are things that shouldn’t just be just about gender, and there are other things based on yourself that can share to connect with people. Nonetheless, when I launched the new site, I started talking about LGBT because really, that’s my fight ever since college.

LGBT and beauty are two things I wanna focus on because that’s MY media and it’s depressing to see as well that transgendered women and people who don’t fit into certain beauty standards are not well published (e.g. mis-gendered) in press, or are misrepresented. We need more stories like these.

I recently had a chat with some beauty blogger friends that have been in the industry for years already and there was someone like me named Aika Fierce. I think I’m not the first transgender beauty blogger in the country but I’m proud and confident to be doing this now, while being my authentic self–a woman.

Do you have any thoughts about beauty blogging or Mikki’s causes? If you’d like, you can leave a comment below and we can talk! 🙂

Photos courtesy of Mikki Galang

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