Ronna Bonifacio | A Case for Waking Up Ahead
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A Case for Waking Up Ahead

Mornings are such a beauty. I love seeing a city waking up or experiencing its last few moments of serene, before the hustle and bustle begins. However, I also quite love my sleep. I have yet to find the secret to enjoying both these loves without compromising the other, but I suspect there is none.

I never really used to wake up ahead of my family. Left to myself, I can wait to wake up at the same time as my kids. We would sleepily stroll out of the bedroom. They sit around the living room while I prepare a simple breakfast.

But recently I have tried something new. I would set my alarm ahead of my family’s usual wake time and I would do my devotions, reading my Bible, then. There are days when I can get an hour by myself and there are days when I can only get 30 minutes, and then one of them stirs and realizes mama is no longer in the bed and they come searching.

Here is what I have found: It is doable. Surprise, surprise. The secret to all thriving Christian mothers is actually no hoax. It is also not magic. There are many mornings when I want to not get up before everyone else (sometimes, I will honestly go back to sleep). There are more mornings when it takes a lot of effort to get myself out of bed when I could get a few more minutes of sleep.

But when I do go through with it, I am happier with how I spent my time. When my family’s day begins, I am able to serve them with a brighter heart because I have been filled with God’s word and presence. I am reminded, because I forget daily, that my life is not for me and it is not about me. Sacrifical love becomes a joy.

It also becomes habit. The more I do it, the more pleasant it becomes. And the more excited I am to have some time to myself and Jesus. The sooner I get out of bed, the sooner I get to give God my undivided attention.

And because my mind is fresh and it hasn’t been worn down by the day’s activities and work (hello, aging!), the better I am able to meditate on the Bible and to hear from God.

Here’s a little challenge I’d like to pose and if you want to join me, please reply to this blog or get in touch with me via social media so we can do it together: This season of lent, let’s set our alarms a bit earlier than usual and create the habit of reading our Bible and praying first thing in the morning. Then let me know what change you see because of it, after one or two weeks. By the end of Holy Week, it would probably be difficult to undo this habit!

My next post will be a few practical tips to help you develop this habit. 🙂

Photo by Ronan Capili

  • karla bantola
    Posted at 11:12h, 13 March

    Hi ronna! Thanks for sharing this. My daily alone time with God has been the most difficult to keep ever since I became a mom. But you’re right, it’s doable and I wanna do it again. I’ll take your challenge. 🙂

    • Ronna Bonifacio
      Posted at 13:26h, 13 March

      Hi Karla! Great to hear that. Yay let’s do it! And see you next week, hehe!