Ronna Bonifacio | Review: An unexpected new favorite powder foundation
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Review: An unexpected new favorite powder foundation

My very first encounter with Ellana Minerals was a few years back, when a makeup artist friend gifted me with its eye primer. The brand used to carry a wide number of products but has trimmed down and focused on its strength, mineral makeup, just last year. It’s always good to streamline one’s vision and mission, whether it be in life or as a company, and I will stop with life lessons on this post right there. Hehe. Because this is a review, Capili!

I admit that when I was introduced to the Loose Mineral Powder Foundation (starts at P330) and read that the coverage was supposed to be medium to heavy, I was very, very, very doubtful. First, because it’s loose rather than pressed, which usually means it goes on light (think: loose finishing powder) and second, because it’s powder. I usually look to liquid and cream foundations when I want medium to heavy coverage because my experience with two-way foundations is just that, it’s light and wears off in a few hours.

But I spent five days out of town with just the Loose Mineral Powder Foundation because I thought I only needed light coverage, but boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Here are three reasons why I’m now a convert:

1. Buildable coverage. Really.

The package says medium to heavy, which means you can build on how heavy you want it to look. When I go over my face with it once with a face brush and after makeup primer, my complexion is evened out. If I go over it again, it actually compares to the kind of medium coverage I get with liquid foundations! Mind. Blowing. At least to me. Hehe!

2. My skin can breathe!

I’m accustomed to wearing liquid foundation, BB cream or CC cream everyday so I hardly feel sticky anymore. But this reminded me of what it was like to feel your skin breathe, except my complexion looks better. I think I’m switching to this little tub on beach trips and hot summer days.

3. It settles nicely and naturally.

Of course after two goes at application, my face looked like it had powder on it. But, as the day wore on, it began to sit nicely on my skin, hardly looking like it was two layers of powder foundation. It looked natural, and my skin’s inherent capacity for dewiness (did I just create a politically correct term for oiliness? Ha ha ha!) melded well with the powders! I think this is where the “mineral” part of the foundation comes in.

Just blended the powder with my finger a little (rubbed it with a finger twice), see how nicely and easily it blends into my skin without primer?

Just blended the powder with my finger a little (rubbed it with a finger twice), see how nicely and easily it blends into my skin without primer?

Come to think of it, when Ellana Minerals’ founder Theresa Carbonell gave me a bit of a makeover when I visited their office a few months back, I got a nice retouch with just the Loose Mineral Powder Foundation. I just can’t remember though if you’re still supposed to use a finishing powder on it. :-/ I was happy though, with its performance even without a finishing powder. Maybe because powder on powder is too powdery for my taste, or in less confusing words, I’m afraid to look dead and too dry.

Maybe my only gripe is the packaging it comes in, the tiny hole in the middle may spew out more powder than necessary, depending on your usage. I pour out the powder on the lid so when I put the lid back on, some of the powders fall on the sides where you screw the lid together with the tub. 🙁 As a solution, I sweep my face brush on it before I pick up “new powder” to minimize the waste 🙂 And for the price, it’s an okay trade off.

Oh, also two additional things to note: It comes in 10 shades that are based on the Filipina skintone and you can get free samples online! 🙂 

I’m curious about its duo blushes, hopefully they come back in stock soon!

Have you tried Ellana Minerals Loose Mineral Powder Foundation? How do you use it?

Ellana Minerals is available at The Ramp Crossings and online through Ellana Minerals website.

  • Arra J.
    Posted at 12:11h, 19 February

    I’m now convinced to try loose mineral powder foundation. I first noticed that mineral cosmetics are good when I had this L.A. mineral pressed powder. After a few hours, even if my face is oily, it didn’t look unflattering, it’s as if it melted on my face. It looks dewy! We had the same sentiments regarding loose powders, I was quite doubtful with the claim that mineral loose powder foundation could provide medium to heavy coverage. haha, but I’m excited to purchase my first ellana products, I just don’t know what shade should I buy from them.

    • Ronna Capili Bonifacio
      Posted at 23:57h, 19 February

      Hi Arra! Thank you for reading my post. I believe the website has a shade guide to help you choose the right shade for you. You may also want to try requesting for samples through the site or visit an Ellana counter at The Ramp Crossings. Happy shopping!

  • chachi
    Posted at 11:02h, 27 February

    Worst mineral foundation I’ve ever tried :(…. yes it’s good when it comes to coverage and it’s long lasting too…but after I use it and wash my face the next day I wake up with angry cysts on both of my cheeks :((( Huhuhuhu I wouldn’t recommend this for acne prone type girls like me…sad to say =(

    • Ronna Capili Bonifacio
      Posted at 15:00h, 27 February

      Hi Chachi! Thank you for your comment. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁 I hope you have found a foundation that works for your skin?