Ronna Bonifacio | Meet the Influencers: Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats
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Meet the Influencers: Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats

Nikki Tiu, second from left, with other beauty bloggers and experts at Calyxta's recent event.

Nikki Tiu, second from left, with other beauty bloggers and experts at Calyxta’s recent event.

Hello hello! I am starting a new series to jumpstart my blog (ahem). I’ve interviewed some of my favorite beauty bloggers turned friends to share who they are in a nutshell.  As a writer, I’ve always been more comfortable asking questions and interviewing, so maybe this is why this series is how I chose to “launch” my blog.

Here’s one thing I truly love about our local beauty bloggers: Their style of makeup and beauty is so attainable. Their looks are always quite appropriate for where they are going and what they’ll be doing, and there’s none of the “more is more (is more)” style for regular days, which is the global online trend. But they are also non-judgmental–wear a dark matte lipstick at 7 AM, who are we to say it’s wrong? And secure in their own brand of beauty. I don’t know if I can post a makeup-less selfie of me in high res just yet!

I met Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats back in 2012. We were on a junket in Pico de Loro for Orly’s summer collection. Even then she was always so sweet, cheerful, and inclusive. I remember we talked a little about marriage and babies–we were both only wives then–and now we’re both moms! Through the years and the constant hello’s and goodbye’s of events, we’ve sort of journeyed together into motherhood. 

When I told her a few years back that I wanted to start a beauty blog, she was all for it! She never made me feel like there was no more space for “new” blood, nor did she ever give off a vibe of competitiveness. Like I said, sweet, cheerful, and ever inclusive. So my first interview is the kind Nikki Tiu. Read on for my 11 questions with Ms. AskMeWhats!

“Smile and have a happy heart” is the best beauty advice she’s received.

1. Apart from beauty blogging I am also an HR Consultant in an Executive Recruitment Firm, a Professional Make Up Artist, A Trainer for various Beauty Brands, A Brand Consultant and of course, a mom to my angel Kyle Nash.

2. I got started in beauty blogging in because I wanted to create an advice blog for people who needed life advice, but it all ended up answering queries about beauty.

3. What you don’t know about beauty blogging is the fact that it is HARDWORK. Owning loads of makeup is fun BUT testing it one by one to share your experience is not a joke! I can’t invent the results because I want to be transparent and real to readers so I really take time to test each product that are featured on my AMW Reviews.  And oh, don’t let me start talking about taking photos, writing a post, etc.

On the lighter side, Beauty Blogging is a WONDERFUL venue to meet new friends! Some people may think it is a cutthroat industry but hey, I’ve found real and genuine friends through blogging!

4. My first encounter with beauty was when I was appointed as the head makeup artist for our Junior High’s Passion Play (Life of Jesus) wherein I had to draw fake beard on boys and make a young girl look older.

5. To me, a woman is most beautiful when they are confident enough not to worry about what other people have to say about her.

Nikki teaches makeup at the recent Beauty Con by Female Network.

Nikki teaches makeup at the recent Beauty Con by Female Network.

6. Best beauty advice I received: SMILE and HAVE HAPPY HEART.

7. If I were stranded on an island, there are only 2 beauty products I need–a sunblock and lip balm! And I would exchange both of those can’t-live-without products for a mobile phone so I can ask help! 😛

8. I like to hoard/I have a weakness for lip balms and I’m currently testing all variants of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and Mentholatum and the experience was fun! I have different variant of lip balms in EVERY corner of my room!  *serious*.

9. I have three lipsticks in my bag right now. I always make sure to bring 1 pink, 1 peach/orange shade and 1 red lipstick of any brand.

10. My beauty icon is… surprisingly, NONE because…I always go for what works best for me rather than looking at another person’s face and try to do their makeup when it might possibly NOT work for me since we don’t have the same facial features. But if you ask me whose beauty I look up to, it would be Audrey Hepburn because really, who doesn’t think she’s a beauty?

11. I love being in the beauty biz because I like seeing the positive effects of making another person feel happy after a makeover.  And the fact that I can share my knowledge on beauty which can help the confidence of other people 😀

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