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Faith, Reads / 24.03.2017

This book was an accidental find. The back story is there was dissatisfaction brewing in my heart for months and I couldn't put my finger on what it was exactly. Until God whispered revealed it to me while I was cleaning up my makeup stash. My struggle with needing to prove myself and never believing I am quite enough were two fruits of a single root. So I set out to find something to read to address this the best way we know how: Google. I typed: "self-esteem christian book woman". And Nothing to Prove was at the top of the results....

Reads / 25.09.2014

I answered this Facebook status chain almost two weeks ago but my very first list was drawn up in private. I had sent it to my good friends from college who are fellow English Literature majors because I was curious as to which books were on their list, did we share any titles, and which books should I perhaps read next. Oh the happiness that is coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Image credit. I read a lot growing up. I remember that as a child, we had a limit to the things we could buy but there...